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The Alchemist's Steps to Productivity Journal

The Alchemist's Steps to Productivity Journal


Written by Life & Wellness Coach Andrea "AJ" Johnson; The Alchemist's Steps to Productivity Journal, was created to streamline our task list, enable us to remember who we need to be in order to reach our goals, and to celebrate our most recent wins, all in the spirit of gratitude.

In the journal, we to start our day off with gratitude. Gratitude is extremely vital to staying inspired & motivated in our journey to success. Next, we CHOOSE who we want to be, because we take full accountability for our choices, and we know that we have to BE who we want to be, to manifest the things that we want to acquire. Then we move on to "Yesterday's Wins". What were your successes from the day before? This is a great way to analyze whether you are on track with your goals, or need to adjust. Finally, we move on to our Task List. The task list is separated into 3 different tiers. Tier 1 is reserved for the most important tasks for the day. These are of the highest priority. Tier 2 is for tasks that are still important, but are not as urgent as Tier 1. Tier 3 is for the tasks that would be nice to complete, however, they will not alter or negatively impact your day or plan if not completed.

This productivity journal is something I created for myself & shared with others and we have all found it to be beneficial to us. Now I am sharing it with you so it can help you remain focused on your journey as well. Please feel free to reach out directly to me at to enlighten us on how this journal worked for you.

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